Retainers Clear Tongue Bars Clear Plastic Body Jewellery

 Tongue Retainers, clear plastic tongue bars, belly bars and labrets.

Retainers include:  Clear plastic tongue bars, pink tongue retainers, clear plastic eyebrow bars, clear nose studs, clear labrets, all see through to hide your body piercings. We also stock some pink tongue bars that also hide your tongue piercings, these are on the acrylic tongue bars page. If you want to hide you body piercings then clear plastic retainers are what you need. Some of these are flexible, so they are comfortable to wear. The clear plastic tongue bars that we stock are avialable in 12mm and 14mm, so you should find one that will fit. We also stock steel tongue bars with clear balls and flexible tongue bars with clear balls, that can also be used to hide your tongue piercing. These are on the tongue bars sections of the webiste.  


Clear Tongue Bars


Clear see through plastic tongue bars with see through domes 

Clear Tongue bar with acrylic flexible bar and see though acrylic domes instead of balls, these retainers lay flatter against your tongue piercing, and hide it even better than our old see through tongue bars!!

Tongue Retainers


Tongue retainers with pink see through domes and pink bar.

Pink tongue retainer with see through domes, these lay flatter against your tongue piercing than our other tongue retainers with balls, so there is even less chance of them being seen. Both see through domes unscrew, and the bar is flexible pink acrylic.

Two Tongue Retainers


2 Tongue retainers


2 tongue retainers, 1 with clear see through domes and a 14mm acrylic bar, and 1 with pink see through domes and a 14mm pink acrylic bar. 

Set of Three Retainers


1.6mm x 10mm flexible retainer which is suitable for any curved 1.6mm piercing.



Extremely flexible retainers with clear O ring - pack of 3

Labret Retainer


Clear acrylic retainer



This is a 1.6mm x 8mm retainer

Set of Four Nose Retainers


Clear nose studs



Pack of four clear nose retainers to disguise and hide your nose piercings.